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The House Of Tudor

The tale of the Tudors starting from the death of Richard III we meet each of the Kings and Queens including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

The American Revolution

In this video we travel back to the time of the American Revolution. Join us as we retrace the events that led to the birth of a nation.

The Tale Of Cromwell's Head

This video tells the story of how Oliver Cromwell was executed AFTER he was dead, and how his head remained unburied for 300 years.

The Life Of Horatio Nelson

Here we tell the story of Horatio Nelson, from a seasick youth to his heroic death. We also find out about his great love Emma Hamilton.

The Tale Of The Gunpowder Plot

We examine what exactly was the Gunpowder Plot, meet the conspirators including Robert Catesby and the infamous Guy Fawkes.

The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

We look at the famous Tudor King and each of his six wives, from Catherine of Aragon to Catherine Parr, and find out the fate that awaits them.


A Curious Trip In The Solar System

Starting from the Sun we travel through the Solar System passing all the planets from Mercury to Pluto, learning amazing facts on the way.

The Flight Of Apollo 11

In 1969 Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins blasted off on top of the massive Saturn rocket on the most amazing journey. To land the first man on the moon.

The Men Who Went To The Moon

There have been many astronauts and cosmonauts, but only 24 men have left Earth's orbit. They were all flying to the moon. We list them and their missions.

Great Achievements In Space

4 October 1957, a new wireless signal could be heard throughout the world. It was from Sputnik, the first artificial satellite. The Space Age had begun.

Edward Lear

The Life Of Edward Lear

Edward Lear famous for his nonsense poems including limericks was also a very talented painter and had a rather strange cat called Foss.

Two Nonsense Poems By Edward Lear

In this video we present two nonsense poems by Edward Lear. The immortal "The Owl And The Pussy-cat" and "How Pleasant to Know Mr. Lear".

Limericks By Edward Lear - Part 1

Part 1 of a collection of Limericks by Edward Lear, published in 'A Book of Nonsense'. Includes '... an old person of Dutton' and '... an Old Derry down Derry'.

Limericks By Edward Lear - Part 2

Part 2 of a collection of Limericks by Edward Lear, published in 'A Book of Nonsense'. Includes '... an Old Man of Vienna' and '... an Old Man with a beard'.

Limericks By Edward Lear - Part 3

Part 3 of a collection of Limericks by Edward Lear, published in 'A Book of Nonsense'. Includes '... an old person of Dover' and '... an Old Man of the Wrekin'.

Limericks By Edward Lear - Part 4

Part 4 of a collection of Limericks by Edward Lear, published in 'A Book of Nonsense'. Includes '... an Old Man, on whose nose' and '... an Old Man of Peru'.

Limericks By Edward Lear - Part 5

Part 5 of a collection of Limericks by Edward Lear, published in 'A Book of Nonsense'. Includes '... an Old Person of Tring' and '... an Old Man with an owl'.

Limericks By Edward Lear - Part 6

Part 6 of a collection of Limericks by Edward Lear, published in 'A Book of Nonsense'. Includes '... a Young Lady whose chin' and '... a Young Lady whose bonnet'.

More Lear Limericks - Part 1

Part 1 of a collection of even more limericks by Edward Lear!! The eleven here include: '... an Old Man at a Junction' and '... an Old Man on the Humber'.

More Lear Limericks - Part 2

Part 2 of a collection of even more limericks by Edward Lear!! The twelve here include: '... an Old Man in a Barge' and '... an Old Person of Sark'.

26 Nonsense Rhymes And Pictures

Although Lear called these little snippets of nonsense 'rhymes', none of them actually do! However they represent some of his best and most bizarre work!

Calico Pie

This piece of melancholy nonsense must rank as one of the strangest poems ever written. If you understand any of this, please explain it to the rest of us!

The Duck And The Kangaroo

Although, not one of Lear's better known works, this is a great fun. The duck buys socks, solving the problem of his feet being too cold for the kangaroo.


Who Killed Cock Robin?

A classic English nursery rhyme, of which the origins and any hidden meanings are uncertain. This is illustrated with some great vintage images.

The Story Of The Three Little Pigs

The classic tale of three pigs and a very mean bad old wolf, who eventually ends on the dinner table! Includes great illustrations by L. Leslie Brooke.

Baseball ABC

How much fun would it be to learn your ABC with this book published by McLoughlin Brothers? It has great vintage illustrations that all ages can enjoy!

A Apple Pie

A Apple Pie is very ancient. Reference is made to it back in 1671, by John Eachard. In these early versions the letters I and J were not differentiated.


The Truth About Fairies

Travelling back in time we see what our ancestors really thought about fairies. We find out how very different it is to what we think today.

The Natural History Of Vampires

We find out the truth about Vampires, from Vlad The Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory through Bram Stoker and Bela Lugosi. A feast of blood!

Robert Burns

The Life And Times Of Robert Burns

This video recounts the life of Robert Burns, the Scottish poet and author of Auld Lang Syne. We meet some of his great loves and find how his life is celebrated today.

Selected Poems Of Robert Burns

To accompany our Life and Times of Robert Burns video, we have selected three of his classic poems: Winter A Dirge, A Red Red Rose and finally Auld Lang Syne.

Lewis Carroll Collection

The Rather Curious History Of Alice

Here we recount the fascinating real life story of Alice, meet the real people involved in its creation and discover the fate of the original handwritten book!

The Jabberwocky

The Jabberwocky first appeared in "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" and is one of the greatest ever nonsense poems!

The Mock Turtle's Song

Also known as "The Lobster-Quadrille" this piece of nonsense poetry is all about a whiting and a snail who is very reluctant to go to the dance!

You Are Old Father William

A really jolly little video featuring the poem that Alice recites to the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. All very bizarre and still great fun after all these years!

The Mad Gardener's Song

Appearing in a later and less well known work by Lewis Carroll, 'Sylvie and Bruno'. This is the most famous part of the book and ranks amongst his finest creations.

A Sea Dirge

Most of us enjoy a trip to the seaside, but here Lewis Carroll gives some of the reasons why he hates it. After reading this you may look at the sea very differently!


The Truth About Santa Claus

So you think you know about Santa Claus? The truth is not so straightforward. We travel back in time to find the origins of the elusive Santa Claus.

A Visit From Saint Nicholas

This classic poem is also known as "The Night Before Christmas". Written by Clement Clarke Moore, it tells of a visit by Santa Claus.

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

1897 a young girl, Virginia O'Hanlon wrote to her local newspaper asking if Santa Claus was real. A veteran newspaper man Francis Pharcellus Church answered her question.

The Mouse And The Christmas Cake

We have found a rather jolly poem, just right for Christmas. The text and images we have used are from an edition first published way back in 1858.

Baboushka - A Christmas Legend

One night many years ago, an old peasant woman named Baboushka was called on by the Three Wise Men who invited her to join them as they traveled to Bethlehem.

Old Santeclaus - Clement Clark Moore

Published 1821, in The Children's Friend this little known poem is of great interest as it introduces some modern elements of Santa as we know him today