About Tales Of Curiosity


Tales Of Curiosity was launched on August 28 2009, at that time all the site had was just one short film! Since then we have slowly grown, regularly adding new videos and also pages that describe the subject in a bit more detail.

We have also seen a big rise in visitors from just a handful a month to the thousands that now use our site every month. Not only do we have visitors from throughout the world, our site is also used in schools in many different countries.

About The Films

We would like to explain a bit more about Tales Of Curiosity. All the videos are under six minutes in length. The idea being that after the introduction and the closing credits we have about five minutes to tell you the story.

Apart from the videos having to be under six minutes, we also made a couple of other rules: that all the images and music are either in the public domain or licensed for creative commons (so that we do not have to pay a fee) and that we would not include any moving images. So you could say that our films are really slideshows!

The videos are very fast, blink and you will miss a caption!! They and their pages are designed to give a quick overview, so that in the space of just a few minutes you will have had a whistlestop introduction, from which you can investigate the subject further.

Some Useful Pages

A couple of pages we ought to mention are our Privacy Policy and our sitemap which can help you if you are having trouble finding your way around the site.

If you have any questions or requests please view our contact details and online form page.


That is about it, apart from saying we hope you enjoy Tales Of Curiosity and have also found it useful. Also, please remember that we are adding subjects regularly, so be sure to come back to see what is new!